About Us

Life is full of decisions. "Which is my best selfie?" "What shoes should I wear tonight?"

SelfieMark helps you ask friends which they like better. Instantly share photos side-by-side and see which ones get the most thumbs up.

SelfieMark makes it easy to keep your photos just among friends, or to share more broadly and get yours into the top-rated selfies around the world.

Use SelfieMark to discover what's going on. Follow friends and the brands you love. Use location tags to see what's trending in your area. Use hashtags to build your followers and get likes.

When you first sign in, you can identify your interests so that if you're into cars, travel, and fashion, that's what you'll see in your feed. Available on iOS and Android, SelfieMark is also a great tool for businesses to get valuable feedback from passionate followers with strong opinions.

SelfieMark is your new stop on the Internet to show off your style, get input when you're just not sure, and see what everyone else is liking nowadays.