• SelfieMark Rewards:
    Our rewards program is very exciting, once users join and opt in the program they will start accumulating points for different actions in SelfieMark like voting, creating a poll and more. Points will be redeemed with gift cards or products in our app.

  • By joining you will get a spot in:

    Our Rewards area
    Where retailers and Representatives can join. We don't want to charge any money now we just want you to give us 2 gift cards of more than $10 for our users to redeem per month. Or it can be also a free product that you will ship to our users for free. So once users win points they can go to your website and redeem the gift card in your link. (Guess what? You just have a new customer to market for future offers Yayyy!!!)

    By joining the Rewards Program we will also give you free access to a new SelfieMark Marketplace to put your products (up to 10) with your link. You will be exclusive to your brand, we don't want two sellers of the same product. If you don't want to be in the rewards for any reason you can just join our marketplace for $99 per year.

  • Download our free app and check it out it is so much fun and we want to see you there! You can also use it to poll users about your products and get feedback for FREE. Our sharing feature is very powerful tool you can share all posts and polls on all social networks including Instagram with just one click from SelfieMark.

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